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Finger Cots are used to protect fingers from contamination and infection, apply medication, insert suppositories, and for many other uses where hygiene is necessary. They can also be used to protect a lightly bandaged finger from moisture and dirt for short periods of time. Remember, however, that air circulation to an injury is reduced while wearing a finger cot, so it should be worn only for a short period of time.

STRONG DURABLE LATEX - Strong latex resists rips and tearing,12 COUNT - Box includes 12 latex finger covers,ONE SIZE FITS ALL - Flexible rubber stretches to fit most finger sizes,EASY TO USE - Simply role the latex covering down your finger,Perfect for protecting a band aid, wound or applying ointments or suppositories. Product does contain latex.


Instructions: Use only over sterile wound cover. Place finger in the center of cover with roll facing out and carefully unroll by pushing down to the end of the finger. Finger cover should fit closely to the base of finger. To remove, reverse the process, rolling up finger. Dispose of properly.

Flents Finger Covers, 12 Count

SKU: 270-5473
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