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  • Discreet, disposable protection
  • Advanced odor control
  • Maximum Absorbancy 



  • Small/Medium: Waist size 32-44 inches, 95-185 lbs, 20ct
  • Large: Waist size 44-58 inches, 130-230 lbs, 18ct
  • X-Large: Waist size 58-68 inches, 195-245 lbs, 14ct


Instructions: To Use: Position underwear with the sizing label at the back. Pull the product on like underwear. To remove, slip off like regular underwear or tear sides at the seam. To Dispose: Remove the underwear and dispose of in a sanitary manner. Do not flush.

Cardinal Health Women's Protective Underwear, Max Absorbency, Assorted sizes

SKU: 507-9132
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