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NEW Betadine® Antiseptic Dry Powder Spray

(povidone-iodine, 5%)


Our convenient antiseptic dry powder spray helps provide infection protection against a variety of germs that can cause infection in minor cuts, scrapes and burns – all with no mess, no touching and no dripping.


Benefits of Betadine Antiseptic Dry Powder Spray:

  • Convenient no-touch application
  • Promptly kills germs that can cause skin infection
  • Targeted spray delivers infection protection right where you want it
  • Betadine No-Sting Promise


Use for:

  • Minor cuts, scrapes or burns
  • First aid needs in the home and on-the-go


Betadine Antiseptic Dry Powder Spray, 2 oz

SKU: 560-2347
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